Should we care about Organic

Anna Bronnes recently published on Ecosalon a link-bait article—with good intentions—that unfortunately fell a bit flat.

I entirely agree with the intention:

In the modern age, if you are able to comfortably put food on the table, it is inexcusable to not think about what you are eating.

But, the article lacks significant information to help those wishing to become more informed about the food system. It also, subtly, suggests devaluing what “Organic” labels actually represent.

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Nerds on vacation

I spent 10 days this July, in the breathtaking town of Tofino, surfing and writing code as part of Nerds on Vacation.

It was an entirely positive experience, filled with practical lessons for startups, people who work from laptops, and remote teams. My teammate Tal wrote about The Nerds on Vacation Effect, which basically describes the huge boost in productivity, even when surfing almost every day.

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Being self-taught revisted

A few weeks ago I posted about possible drawbacks of being a self-taught web developer and I got some really good feedback.

The two main problems I illustrated were: How to your asses your own ability and properly convey it and after assessing your ability how to properly determine the next step of progression. I now think both problems are futile. I’m self-taught because I didn’t agree with the requirements and structure of schools and assessments are inherently part of schooling—So, why am I trying to assess myself?

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My first visit to Seattle

Since I missed the chance to see one of my all-time favourite
people live, in Vancouver, I had an all-too-good reason to visit Seattle for the first time.

Grinderman, the newest project of Nick Cave and most of the Bad Seeds, is finishing up their North American tour. It seems the show in Vancouver sold out too fast for me and, without hesitation, caused me to buy tickets to the Seattle show. Incredibly excited to see Nick Cave in the flesh—I just can’t help but enjoy almost everything he produces—I was also excited to visit Seattle for the first time. Which is a strange thing as I have, thanks mostly in part by my Dad, seen more American soil than Canadian.

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