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Where’d the boardwalk go?

This past weekend we hiked  a similar route that we did about the same time last year. Only, we found one of our favourite sections had changed.      

So Long Cyanogen OS

Almost exactly 2 years ago today, I bought a OnePlus One. It was (and is) my first real smartphone after spending $100 on the Geeksphone Peak. And, I have next to no qualms with it. I don’t know the specs off the top of my head, but it’s more than capable for my needs. I […]

GMOs Are Neither Good Nor Bad

I came across How I Got Converted to GMOs via This is a response to that article. I think it’s wrong to assume this is black and white or that the issue of GMOs is the centre of feeding the world. There are actual issues threatening how we feed everyone going forward. The UN has […]

Roy Choi On Tradition

Roy Choi is a pioneer of awesome street food with the Kogi, korean taco, truck. nothing is authentic and tradition is in the human mind. we can create new ones as long as we are honest. I think it’s more important to challenge authenticity and tradition than accepting them if they are old and irrelevant.

How We Work Remotely At Ecquire

This is how Ecquire caught my attention ~2 years ago. Then, just a couple weeks after joining, I got to meet the team at Nerds on Vacation in Tofino, BC. Which was awesome.


Veganism is not the end-all answer to a better world. Leo Babauta is claiming that is is. To me, Leo is still reacting. He is presenting Veganism as the only answer to numerous injustices. And yet, closing his eyes to other perspectives. I’d like to highlight that Veganism does not take in account all injustices and can potentially […]

A Birthday Story From The 135

Awhile back, I lived atop Burnaby Mountain. Often, I would take the 135 bus in and out of downtown Vancouver. One of these times, returning from downtown, I happened to sit next to a fellow who wished to share a story. The man overtly smelled of alcohol. Not sensing any danger, there was no reason […]

The Value of A Web Developer

James Somers asks if coders are worth it. Well, I’d like to answer that. I may have missed the point of the article, but he seems to be drawing attention to web developers making good money while working for web startups, which aren’t serious business. Serious, in the sense that the problems being solved aren’t […]

Living and Working From a Trailer

Last year, I spent 8 months living and working out of a 5th Wheeler. I did this with my partner, on a public farm, in the city of Vancouver. What were we thinking?! When the oppurtunity presented itself, we knew we had to take it. After moving every year for the past 5 years, ending […]

Freelance Rumination

I’ve been out of the freelance game since I joined Ecquire back in May. And, I feel I need to reflect on those years freelancing and see if I learned anything. I think it’s better that I’m writing this 8 months after leaving the freelance business – there are a tonne of articles that get […]

Well Functioning Ecosystems

John Lius, a documentary film-maker and ecologist, has dedicated his life spreading the knowledge and successes of rehabilitating large-scale, damaged ecosystems. Watch the Green Gold Documentary by John Lius on YouTube. Spoilers below. The results of the projects covered in the above documentary are astounding. People in Jordan, China, Ethiopia and elsewhere have turned baron, […]

Should We Care About Organic

Anna Bronnes recently published on Ecosalon a link-bait article—with good intentions—that unfortunately fell a bit flat. I entirely agree with the intention: In the modern age, if you are able to comfortably put food on the table, it is inexcusable to not think about what you are eating. But, the article lacks significant information to […]

Nerds On Vacation

I spent 10 days this July, in the breathtaking town of Tofino, surfing and writing code as part of Nerds on Vacation. It was an entirely positive experience, filled with practical lessons for startups, people who work from laptops, and remote teams. My teammate Tal wrote about The Nerds on Vacation Effect, which basically describes […]

Being Self Taught Revisited

A few weeks ago I posted about possible drawbacks of being a self-taught web developer and I got some really good feedback. The two main problems I illustrated were: How to your asses your own ability and properly convey it and after assessing your ability how to properly determine the next step of progression. I […]

The Unforeseen Consequence of Being Self-Taught

I had yet to notice any drawbacks of working in a field where I have either taught myself what I need to know or learned through work experience. Until now. Hopefully you have realized, that I am a Web Designer & Developer. And, I’ll now let you know, that I learned nearly everything for this […]

My First Visit To Seattle

Since I missed the chance to see one of my all-time favourite people live, in Vancouver, I had an all-too-good reason to visit Seattle for the first time. Grinderman, the newest project of Nick Cave and most of the Bad Seeds, is finishing up their North American tour. It seems the show in Vancouver sold […]

Logicalism Over Minimalism

I don’t subscribe to any sort of minimalist way of life. But, that word seems to have a meaning that I can often attest to my life. The funny thing about words and their meaning is that they aren’t consistent across all means. In my very limited scope of minimalist inspiration, the word often is […]

An Introduction

I have relaunched my website and launched my blog as a separate website. Here’s how and why. In The Old Days A few(or several) years back I had an account at a host named FreePGS, they offered PHP and MySQL at no cost! It housed numerous iterations of my homepage even up until Staydecent. FreePGS’ […]

An Interview With Chris Allen

Chris Allen is a Vancouver based freelance Graphic Designer and Art Director, an Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design graduate and has strong roots in the Skateboarding industry. Check out this interview I conducted with him to find out more! Hey Chris, could you tell me a bit about your background(live, born, age, work, […]