2021: Year in review

It was a year of quiet introspection and growth. In the Pacific Northwest, we experienced record heat, flooding, and snow. The garden has come into its own, supporting a budding ecosystem that invites ever more bees, birds, rabbits, deer and snakes.

As for the pandemic, it was if anything enlightening. It seems no lessons were learned along the way and public policy embodied the sunk-cost fallacy. Just keep doubling down despite poor outcomes. Why have we been sitting on millions of rapid antigen tests? Why didn’t we utilize them ASAP for long term care homes? Why do public figures continue to lie about preventing transmission? Who knows. Be it mass hysteria or mass incompetence, I believe our representatives have good intentions. However, it still elucidates the short comings of a stagnant beast, that is ill fitted for efficiency and adaptation. If a system that generates hundreds of billions in debt can’t produce better results then we need to rethink the core structures that keep this berg afloat.

Or, at least I’ve been rethinking these systems as a citizen. I’m damn near 50% of my income being taxed. Canada has long been ranked as one of the least efficient governments on this here planet and it’s high time we address that rather than throw more money into the pit.

Beyond the societal systems we currently exist within I’ve also been expanding my internal systems. I’ve found an agreeable resonance with the words of Henry Miller, don Miguel Ruiz Jr., Richard Rudd, Eckhart Tolle, Carlos Castaneda, and John Berger. I seem to have slipped into a groove of being introduced to books that consistently expand my thinking and leave me feeling more calm and acceptant of our human experience.

For now, I’m still feeling introspective and perhaps in waiting. For what, I can’t say—though I have some ideas. Yet, I sense a new beginning in 2022. Some sort of life changing event or circumstance. How exciting!

December 31, 2021