An Introduction

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March 18, 2010

I have relaunched my website and launched my blog as a separate website. Here's how and why.

In The Old Days

A few(or several) years back I had an account at a host named FreePGS, they offered PHP and MySQL at no cost! It housed numerous iterations of my homepage even up until Staydecent. FreePGS' offered service changed numerous times while I was there: From completely free, to $3 a year, to no longer accepting new accounts. Even when they started charging, I won a design contest and got to remain there for free, surviving through the death of FreePGS. In the end, I was plopped onto some reject GoDaddy reseller server that barely had enough power to load Plesk, while they asked me for $3 a year. Eventually, I stopped paying for that account.

The Hiatus

I spent too much time researching hosts. Web Faction, Linode, Slicehost, PRGMR, all promising and none were a clear winner for me. So, I ended up with a static landing page for maybe a year? Anyway, I was serving this static page up on Nearly Free Speech, a pay for what you get service. Simple and cheap. Going back to those other hosts: the main reason I was considering them was because I wanted to learn the ins and outs of a VPS(or similarly free[as in freedom] service). But, VPS is dated and The Cloud is in. So, I started playing around with Google App Engine.

In The Cloud

Here's lookin’ at you, kid! What's that mean? Who cares, Rejoice! I built a Blog in Python on GAE.

This blog is hosted on App Engine, but what about the portfolio? It's still on Nearly Free Speech, serving up static files. Why not? And, this is the first time I've split my blog away from the main site. Now, I have two sites to mess around with, constantly!

If you haven't noticed, or realized from this post: I change my website all the time. It constantly evolves as I learn new things and try new things with it. And so will this blog! I will try and be more consistent and make sure permalinks live on and keep downtime to a minimum. And, at least for now, the current Staydecent Blog and Staydecent Portfolio are not going to change much.