So Long Cyanogen OS

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January 20, 2017

Almost exactly 2 years ago today, I bought a OnePlus One. It was (and is) my first real smartphone after spending $100 on the Geeksphone Peak. And, I have next to no qualms with it.

I don't know the specs off the top of my head, but it's more than capable for my needs. I watch videos, edit photos (even raw), read, and play Sodoku. I don't need it to be thinner, or lighter. The battery easily lasts a whole day. The screen and camera are good enough.

Basically, it's a perfectly fine smartphone.

The OS is also just peachy. My iOS experience is limited to the first (maybe 2nd?) iPad and the occasional use of my partners' iOS 10 device. In comparison to iOS, the main issue I had with Android was the app drawer and launcher. iOS was just so much nicer. Why would I want apps to appear in the drawer and on my home screen? Then, Evie came out. And it's the best.

The Cyanogen OS flavour of Android was nice as well. It added some nice enough customizations, privacy and security features, and well... I'm not sure what else was unique to Cyanogen, or part of stock Android. Over-the-air updates were the best. They just happened, and never broke anything.

Actually, I've only ever had one hiccup with my phone where the GPS stopped working. This happened after Pokemon Go came out >:(. A factory reset, and everything's back to working.

More recently, OTA updates did try to bundle some Microsoft apps with the updates... Then the updates stopped.

CyanogenOS has shutdown.

Well. That sucks.

Now I need to find a new Android "ROM". Hopefully one that has official builds for my OnePlus One (nicknamed "Bacon" apparently), and ideally also includes OTA updates. Though, it kind of feels like a complete gamble. I wonder how long I can wait, until I need to worry about security vulernabilities?

Anyway, I guess this is goodbye.