An attempt to share what I learn creating web and mobile apps.

Why Redux over a more basic Global Store

Lately there's been some "discussion" about the boilerplate around using Redux for application state. It's easy to look at Redux and think it's just an over-complicated global state. You could strip away much of the API and just implement an immutable object state, even mimicking the React state API of just setState and getState.

The Difference Between Static and Bound Methods

Recently, at work, we were coming up with our React Style Guide (based on AirBnBs). One of the "rules" is to avoid binding methods within the render method (as this creates a new function each render), and a teammate mentioned, "why not just use static arrow functions?"

Debugging a Slow Rails App

This past winter, I was tasked with figuring out why certain views on a Rails app were slowing to a crawl. While this was my first foray into Ruby/Rails debugging and performance tuning, I had decent experience with JavaScript and SQL query optimizing.

How To Keep API Calls Decoupled From React Components

Keeping API calls decoupled from React components keeps your views pure and without side-effects! This makes it easier to test your views without having to worry about API calls. Your API and views can be tested separately.

Creating Reusable View Components for Android

View components are all the rage in the frontend JavaScript world, with React popularizing their usage. Many other frameworks have added APIs to support this pattern as well. I've been pretty happy to adopt view components for web developement, so when I started learning Android, I quickly found myself wanting to breakdown my UI into components.

AngularJS Separation of Concerns

Recently, I was added to a couple of existing AngularJS projects to implement new features and refactor some existing ones. Specifically, the goal of refactoring was to move logic from places where it was not needed and to ensure everything was DRY.

Authenticating LoopBack AngularJS SDK Routes

I am currently working on writing an API backend with LoopBack. This API is a rewrite of an older Python codebase which has an AngularJS client. While the backend needs improving the current AngularJS client is holding up just fine.

Thoughts On React And Mithril

I've been using Facebook's React for most new UI components in recent months at Ecquire. And, only more recently, using Mithril.

Browser Testing as a Chrome Extension

Running Jasmine tests against a webpage? Forget headless-browser testing. Why not inject your tests right into the actual web page?

Comparing Responsive Image Proposals

Responsive Web Design has gained in usage and ease of use. But one, rather large, missing piece is responsive images.

jQuery Multiline Text Input

A jQuery plugin that replaces a textarea with multiple text inputs, automatically appending a new input when the last is filled with content.

The Essence of Blogging

Inspired by Dustin Curtis' Svbtle and the subsequent open-source project Obtvse, I took a shot at simplifying the blogging interface.

Moving Off App Engine

Google App Engine provided a slew of learning, and allowed me to rapidly build my side-projects. But, it's time to move on.

Responsive Web Design

The implementation and advocacy of responsive web design is increasing, and possibly fully manifested in the web design community. Are you taking part?

Omtask, A Simpler Task List

Omtask is an omnibox task manager for people that want to finish tasks, not organize them.

Managing Coworking

When I was working in a team of about ~15 at an Advertising Agency, we were commonly trying to perfect how we all interacted with each other.

Minor Update to Task Thing

While remaining rather minimal, Task Thing has a new feature—more specifically a helpful piece of data is now displayed on completed tasks.

Publishing By Email With Google App Engine

I really like the Posterous approach to publishing online—I often write my ideas down in GMail. So I decided to enable posting by email on my blog.

Installing App Engine On Windows

The most difficult part of installing Google App Engine on Windows is the SSL module. But I've decided to compile a very simple guide for the whole process.

Wordpress Featured Post Slider

WordPress 3 is out: And it makes developing feature rich, user maintainable websites possible with the just the core.

Staying Productive With Task Thing

I have recently jumped back into the freelance world. And I need ways to stay productive.

jQuery Random Each() Function

Fading in elements incrementally in order of the dom tree is cool, but so is fading in elements in random order.