Installing App Engine On Windows

Posted on
June 30, 2010

The most difficult part of installing Google App Engine on Windows is the SSL module. But I've decided to compile a very simple guide for the whole process.

I am not going to cover any sort of usage guides. This is just a list to installing everything required(on Windows) to deploy an App to the GAE cloud.

  1. Download & Install Python25)
  2. Download & Install App Engine
  3. Download & Install Python25 SSL Installer

The hardest part: Installing the SSL Module. Python25, unlike 26 and newer, does not come with the SSL Module and must be installed. The normal route of python install will produce errors. Something about wrong compilers. There are tutorials out there for installing all the dependencies manually. Luckily, someone has created an installer exe. I have tested this on WindowsXP and Windows7 and it works.

32bit Versus 64bit

Do not install the 64 bit version of Python on Windows. If you do you will have to compile everything yourself. Including that installer, that installer is 32bit only. I really don't know any benefit to installing the 64bit version of Python.

Unless I am forgetting something, that is all you need.