jQuery Multiline Text Input

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April 20, 2012

A jQuery plugin that replaces a textarea with multiple text inputs, automatically appending a new input when the last is filled with content.

I created this plugin as part of a provisionary coding task for an unnamed startup. The idea is to simplify server-side processing while having more control of the user input—And, hopefully, a better experience for the user.

Screenshot of a similar implementation by Google

The Concept

Instead of asking a user to enter each item (Ex. Places lived) on a new line or comma separating them within a textarea, each item is entered in an individual text input. But, we want to allow an indefinite amount of items and asking the user to click a button (to add another input) would be annoying. So, the plugin intelligently appends an empty text input as soon as the user starts typing the last input.

But, how do you know how many inputs need to be processed on the server-side?

Good question! This is handled by the plugin on the client-side; the plugin combines all of the single line inputs back into a single textarea, with each item on a newline, before submitting the data.


Select the "Result" tab in the below JSFiddle frame to test-drive a basic example.



Check out the GitHub Repo for more information and to grab the code.