Minor Update to Task Thing

Posted on
September 1, 2010

While remaining rather minimal, Task Thing has a new feature—more specifically a helpful piece of data is now displayed on completed tasks.

For anyone who is unaware, I created a little app called Task Thing a few months ago. It hasn't gained much traction, but a couple people seem to be using it(Woo-ee!).

With the hope that I will be more efficient and precise at tracking my time, Task Thing now tells you how long it took for you to complete a task. This functionality was already implemented as Task Thing logs the creation date and last modified date for each task. Using this data, when a task is marked as completed(which logs the time of this action) Task Thing displays that time relative to the time since creation.

Because I use Task Thing at a very micro scale—I only add tasks that I am tackling that day, and usually as I begin working on them—I can actually reference this time to complete when logging my hours for the day. Obviously, if I create a task one day, ignore it for a few days, then work on it, and mark it complete, it's not an accurate measure of actual time committed to that task. But, still an interesting piece of data. Maybe I should start logging average time to complete tasks?

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