Omtask, A Simpler Task List

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May 4, 2011

Omtask is an omnibox task manager for people that want to finish tasks, not organize them.

Why Omtask?

When I came across Steve Losh's t, I loved the idea of it. But, I also realised the extent of my bashing was updating git and svn repositories. Being mostly, a front-end web developer—and addicted to the internet—I spend a huge amount of time in my Web Browser, which happens to be Chrome. Hey, wait a minute! Aren't I able to run commands from Chrome's address bar? Yes! So, I set out to implement the exact same feature set as t in a Google Chrome Extension.

Not Quite There

There is no marking tasks as complete and editing still needs to be added. But, you can add tasks, view them, and delete them. All from the Omnibar (this is what Chrome calls its address bar)! But, this is enough functionality for me to already begin using it. I stopped using Task Thing awhile ago.

It's So Easy!

t Blog about omtask.

There is no package yet, as I think it needs some more testing and editing of tasks implemented. But, you can check out the source on GitHub. If you'd like to try it out right away, clone the repo, then on Chrome's Extension page click Developer Mode and Load unpacked extension.