Published on January 13, 2014

My partner and I have been scouring British Columbia, checking out potential properties to purchase. While the truth of BC's high cost of land may have hit hard, the excuse to venture into previously looked-over corners of this truly beautiful province has been a thrill.

More recently, we jumped on a ferry from Horseshoe Bay and hit the road nearing the northern end of Vancouver Island. From there, another ferry took us to Malcolm Island, home of Sointula – a Finnish founded, yet failed, utopia.

2013-12-07 10.19

The property we were checking out was a bust for us – but we quickly rebounded with the joy of exploring this fishing village.

2013-12-07 12.01.362013-12-07 11.57.422013-12-07 11.57.19

Impressed by the south-western views towards Vancouver Island, we headed to see the eastern view over the Queen Charlotte strait. Before we even got the other other coast, we were aghast by Salal bushes, taller then ourselves!

2013-12-07 15.51.422013-12-07 15.45.392013-12-08 12.32.59

The forest opened up to one of the most spectacular views I will likely ever have the privilege to enjoy. Zero clouds and just as the sun was setting we looked over the Queen Charlotte Straight towards the Coastal Mountains.

2013-12-07 16.03.43 2013-12-07 16.08.36 2013-12-07 16.12.25

A fine spot to attempt a utopia.

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